About us

Since its establishment ,Al-Rayyan greenhouses has been dreaming of green houses and protected agriculture where as Al-Rayyan is considered as the first middle east greenhouses company that used the new technology in manufacturing greenhouses, fish houses, poultry-houses and livestocks.

We Al-Rayyan have met our clients’ needs, since its establishments, in UAE, and different global areas. It exported its greenhouse products to KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, Pakistan and South Africa.
Due to continues research and development processes Al-Rayyan was able to manufacture greenhouses that are suitable for different climate, especially in the middle east that are well known for the disparity in daily temperature degrees and yearly temperature degrees.


We Al-Rayyan promise our clients of providing them with high quality services and products. We compete large global companies and factories with our appropriate cost and our high products quality

We ensure our commitment  of serving  our clients all over the world, and meeting all of their needs of greenhouses, fish houses, poultry-houses and livestock